Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Time!

Why is it that my kids always have dirty faces? They drink alot of gator-aid. They always have an orange mustache. Chris was also very proud of himself for lining up his dominos.

Here is a picture of Audrey after having her braid taken out. Note the orange mustache...

Here is one of Christopher being weird.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Its been a while

It's been over a year since my last post...

Sorry. :-) I've been busy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Audrey Types

I had a pretty good birthday. On Saturday Morning we got up (early for a Saturday) and drove to Fairview Heights. Mommy bought us all a new pair of shoes. I got some really cute pink and white ones. Then we went to the mall and went to Build-A-Bear!!! It was really neat! I wanted one of everything but mommy said I could pick only one. I got a pinkish and white teddy bear and I named her Ann. I got to pick out a sound for her to make and I got to put a heart in there too that thumps when you squeeze it. Then I helped put in her stuffing and it was LOUD! Then I fluffed her up at the bath table and picked out some clothes for her. We sat at a computer and got her a birth certificate. It was SO fun. Too bad Christopher was so little. Mommy said he can build a bear when he turns 4 too. Ann got a little cardboard house that I got to carry her home in. She shares my bed with me at night. Sometimes she gets to sleep in her panties because she doesn't have a nightgown. We also got to eat McDonalds in the car on the way home. I ate all my lunch and Christopher ate most of his.

My Birthday was on Sunday. Mommy wouldn't let me play with much of anything because she didn't want the house to be messy when all our guests got there. I had such a pretty princess party. I got some really cute clothes, a basketball goal (I'm pretty good already), I got a princess oven that I can make little cakes in, A little mermaid coin bank/gumball machine. I also got a couple of magnet books and a few puzzles. My mom got me a viewfinder projector. We put on a show last night. If you shine it on the deep freeze, it looks really good. It helps if its night time though. Daddy got me a pink tractor that you pedal with your feet. Its really hard to pedal right now. Its heavy too!!! Daddy said I can be in pedal pull competitions now. I need to work hard and make my legs stronger. Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christopher types:

Its only a 3 more days until Audrey's Birthday. I hope everybody makes a big deal out of me on MY birthday. Mom even told her that next year she could have a big party with friends and everything.

I was sick last weekend. I threw up a bunch of times. Gross... Then Audrey caught it, Then my daddy caught it! Daddy was the biggest baby of all of us. We've all been healthy for a few days now but Daddy's milking it.

Audrey got sick the morning that we were supposed to go to Build-A-Bear, so we didn't go. If everything works out, we're going to go on Saturday morning and zoom home at lunch time. We get to eat McDonalds in the car on the way home. Then she's going to start working on Audrey's cake. I love cake!

Here is a picture of Audrey being silly.

and here is a picture of me. I was helping.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hi Debbie Tapp

Audrey types:

Only 10 more days until my birthday! Only 3 more days until Mommy takes me to Build-A-Bear.

Mom says that she's not worried about Christopher anymore. He finally quit playing with my high-heels and he plays with his workbench all the time. He also started headbutting everybody and everything. Last night after dinner, I was trying to play a card game with my mommy and Christopher got mad and head-butted the table. Ha ha. The joke was on HIM that time. Then he got mad that he hurt his head and threw a major flop on the floor. We had to stop our game for a minute to watch. He's so funny. Mom says my tantrums were never as spectacular as his!

I really want to ride our Jeep some more but its been too cold and rainy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chris types

Audrey is going to be 4 in about 2 weeks. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up to her. She got invited to a birthday party for a kid in her class on Saturday. Logan has a birthday party on the same day. She gets to go to 2 birthday parties. That isn't fair. I'm going to go to St.Clair with mom and dad on Sunday. Daddy is going to get some new shoes and Audrey is going to get to build her own teddy bear at some store. Mom says when I turn 4, I can build my own teddy bear. I hope I don't throw a fit.

I found some really neat stickers a few weeks ago. They were all the same. There was a flag on them and a little number 41 in the corner. They must be my mom's stickers because she got mad when she saw that I was sticking them on my old high chair. Its really fun to annoy her sometimes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Blog for the new year!!!

Audrey types:

We've got a new blog. My mom has forced us to abandon our old site. She said it wasn't worth the money and aggrevation.

We had a really good Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we went to my Grandma Sharon's house after Mass. I had fun there. I got to shoot a toy gun and play with everybody. I got some really exciting presents from everybody. Grandma got me a princess tent and sleeping bag. I tried to sleep in it Christmas night but I ended up sleeping in my bed instead.

On Christmas morning, my mommy woke us up to open presents. We got all kinds of stuff. We got several books, a few games and some card games too. I got a toy train. Christopher got a big work bench. There was one last thing under the tree. It was an envelope from Santa saying he had one more thing that he left in the refrigerator. There was just another envelope. It said the elves were playing tricks and to look in Christophers dresser drawer. Well, it wasn't there either, just another envelope. Those silly elves! Finally Santa said he was going to put them in time out if they didn't tell us where it was. It ended up being a powerwheels jeep!!! Its so much fun. It goes really fast too!!! So far, only I get to drive it because Christopher is too small.

We didn't do anything too exciting for new years. My mom and dad took us to Grandma and Grandpas house and dropped us off so they could go home and shampoo their carpet. It took them a long time. The carpet was all wet when we got home.

Lets also see if this link works to a movie.