Monday, January 21, 2008

Audrey Types

I had a pretty good birthday. On Saturday Morning we got up (early for a Saturday) and drove to Fairview Heights. Mommy bought us all a new pair of shoes. I got some really cute pink and white ones. Then we went to the mall and went to Build-A-Bear!!! It was really neat! I wanted one of everything but mommy said I could pick only one. I got a pinkish and white teddy bear and I named her Ann. I got to pick out a sound for her to make and I got to put a heart in there too that thumps when you squeeze it. Then I helped put in her stuffing and it was LOUD! Then I fluffed her up at the bath table and picked out some clothes for her. We sat at a computer and got her a birth certificate. It was SO fun. Too bad Christopher was so little. Mommy said he can build a bear when he turns 4 too. Ann got a little cardboard house that I got to carry her home in. She shares my bed with me at night. Sometimes she gets to sleep in her panties because she doesn't have a nightgown. We also got to eat McDonalds in the car on the way home. I ate all my lunch and Christopher ate most of his.

My Birthday was on Sunday. Mommy wouldn't let me play with much of anything because she didn't want the house to be messy when all our guests got there. I had such a pretty princess party. I got some really cute clothes, a basketball goal (I'm pretty good already), I got a princess oven that I can make little cakes in, A little mermaid coin bank/gumball machine. I also got a couple of magnet books and a few puzzles. My mom got me a viewfinder projector. We put on a show last night. If you shine it on the deep freeze, it looks really good. It helps if its night time though. Daddy got me a pink tractor that you pedal with your feet. Its really hard to pedal right now. Its heavy too!!! Daddy said I can be in pedal pull competitions now. I need to work hard and make my legs stronger. Here are a few pictures.

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