Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Blog for the new year!!!

Audrey types:

We've got a new blog. My mom has forced us to abandon our old site. She said it wasn't worth the money and aggrevation.

We had a really good Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we went to my Grandma Sharon's house after Mass. I had fun there. I got to shoot a toy gun and play with everybody. I got some really exciting presents from everybody. Grandma got me a princess tent and sleeping bag. I tried to sleep in it Christmas night but I ended up sleeping in my bed instead.

On Christmas morning, my mommy woke us up to open presents. We got all kinds of stuff. We got several books, a few games and some card games too. I got a toy train. Christopher got a big work bench. There was one last thing under the tree. It was an envelope from Santa saying he had one more thing that he left in the refrigerator. There was just another envelope. It said the elves were playing tricks and to look in Christophers dresser drawer. Well, it wasn't there either, just another envelope. Those silly elves! Finally Santa said he was going to put them in time out if they didn't tell us where it was. It ended up being a powerwheels jeep!!! Its so much fun. It goes really fast too!!! So far, only I get to drive it because Christopher is too small.

We didn't do anything too exciting for new years. My mom and dad took us to Grandma and Grandpas house and dropped us off so they could go home and shampoo their carpet. It took them a long time. The carpet was all wet when we got home.

Lets also see if this link works to a movie.

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