Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christopher types:

Its only a 3 more days until Audrey's Birthday. I hope everybody makes a big deal out of me on MY birthday. Mom even told her that next year she could have a big party with friends and everything.

I was sick last weekend. I threw up a bunch of times. Gross... Then Audrey caught it, Then my daddy caught it! Daddy was the biggest baby of all of us. We've all been healthy for a few days now but Daddy's milking it.

Audrey got sick the morning that we were supposed to go to Build-A-Bear, so we didn't go. If everything works out, we're going to go on Saturday morning and zoom home at lunch time. We get to eat McDonalds in the car on the way home. Then she's going to start working on Audrey's cake. I love cake!

Here is a picture of Audrey being silly.

and here is a picture of me. I was helping.

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