Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hi Debbie Tapp

Audrey types:

Only 10 more days until my birthday! Only 3 more days until Mommy takes me to Build-A-Bear.

Mom says that she's not worried about Christopher anymore. He finally quit playing with my high-heels and he plays with his workbench all the time. He also started headbutting everybody and everything. Last night after dinner, I was trying to play a card game with my mommy and Christopher got mad and head-butted the table. Ha ha. The joke was on HIM that time. Then he got mad that he hurt his head and threw a major flop on the floor. We had to stop our game for a minute to watch. He's so funny. Mom says my tantrums were never as spectacular as his!

I really want to ride our Jeep some more but its been too cold and rainy.

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